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Gorgeous Hairdressing Services in Swindon

Hairdressing Services in Swindon

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Ladies Hairdressing at Gorgeous
Ladies Hairdressing at Gorgeous


At Gorgeous we can advise you on a range of looks whether it’s just a trim or a complete restyle. Our stylists will help you get the most out of your hair and achieve a look to fit in with your lifestyle, face shape, hair type and texture. We recommend a visit every 6-8 weeks to keep your hair looking healthy. This will also ensure your style remains longer.

  • Cut and Blow Dry
    from 39.00
  • Wet Cut
    from 29.00
  • Restyle Cut and Blow Dry
    from 45.00
  • Blow Dry
    from £25.00
Gents Hairdressing at Gorgeous
Gents Hairdressing at Gorgeous


From classic casual men’s cuts, shorter styles or the more fashioned style, we’ll take you in to the weekends feeling fresh and on trend.

  • Head Shave
  • Cut
  • Skin Fade
  • Top Perm
    from 40.00
Child Hairdressing at Gorgeous
Child Hairdressing at Gorgeous


Children are welcome at Gorgeous and enjoy the same level of service as adults. Hair cuts include a free wash, and for a little extra we’ll style their hair too. Our stylists are extremely patient, and we always have a little treat for them at the end to sweeten the pill.

  • Ages 0-4
  • Ages 5-11
  • Ages 12-14
  • Ages 14 and over
    Adult price
"Dannii has been doing my hair for years.
She has an amazing salon and would highly recommend her"
Dec 2019: Tracey Holt, Customer
Hair Up at Gorgeous
Hair Up at Gorgeous

Put Ups

Whether it’s a night out with your friends or a more formal occasion such as a wedding or prom, we have an expert team who love to make you look and feel a million dollars, with many of our stylists taking regular courses to keep up the ever changing styles.

  • Put Ups
    from 39.00 hourly
  • Wedding Hair
Hair Straightening at Gorgeous
Hair Straightening at Gorgeous


We cannot rave about this enough - cocochoco keratin treatment! It straightens without changing the texture, it repairs damage, adds shine, gives a smooth and silky feel, provides heat protection, gives frizz control, incredible detangling and prevents split ends and the biggest benefit is you can put down the straighteners this treatment will change your habit!

  • Brazillian Blow Dry
    from 90.00
Hair Perming at Gorgeous
Hair Perming at Gorgeous


Add some delicious curls to your hair for that new look! The team are ready to assist you on the right curl for you.

  • Perming
    from 80.00
"First time going to the salon since it opened and absolutely love it.
Lovely and bright and of course a fab haircut by the wonderful Dannii. Everyone is really friendly and welcoming"
Jan 2020: Julia Avenell, Customer
Hair Colouring at Gorgeous
Hair Colouring at Gorgeous


Changing your hair colour can be a difficult decision, whether its darker or lighter, we can advise you on a colour to suit your daily life. Choose from a wide range of shades and tones.

Please note a skin test is required 48 hours before a colour treatment for new clients.

  • Root Tint
  • Full Head Tint
  • Scalp Bleach and Tone
    from 68.00

Sometimes we do things we regret! Gorgeous are on hand to help get you back to your desired colour, shade and tone and sort that bad hair day out.

  • Color Correction
    prices on consultation
Hair Highlighting at Gorgeous
Hair Highlighting at Gorgeous


From half/full head of foils to balayage, our expert stylists can help you achieve a faultless shade by perfectly placing the colour, creating depth and movement to your style. Gorgeous offer a personalised service for you, creating your ideal look.

  • T-Section
  • Micro Section
  • Half head Foils
  • Full head Foils
  • Micro Foils
  • Half head Micro Foils
  • Balayage
    from 65.00
  • Foiled/Wrapped Balayage
  • Tone, Colour Melt
  • Toner
    from 20.00
Olaplex and Silaplex at Gorgeous
Olaplex and Silaplex at Gorgeous


Available as both an in-salon treatment and a home care retail package to purchase in the salon. This will not only protect your hair from the process of colouring but will prevent further damage, making your hair stronger, healthier and shinier. It can also help mend any previous damage to your hair.

  • Added to Colour
    from 20.00
Hair Extensions at Gorgeous
Hair Extensions at Gorgeous

Hair Extensions

We offer many formats of hair extensions including bonded, microbonds and taped, and with three different companies to choose from (‘Prostyles’, ‘Beauty Works’ and ‘Sway’) we have a solution to suit most budgets.

  • Tape
  • Bonded
  • Wefts
  • Microrings

Luxury Treatments

Why not add one of these on to your cut and blow-dry?

  • Fibre Clinix
    20.00 - 25.00

    This is a bespoke treatment tailored to your exact hair needs. It restores the inner and outer hair, leaving the hair 10x stronger and shinier.

  • Olaplex Standalone

    Ideal for all hair. It repairs, strengthens, and helps to maintain strong, healthy hair.

  • Dream Filter

    This treatment works by removing all the minerals and metals that dull and darken hair. Ideal for a prior colour treatment to even out porosity, or a once-a-week treat to bring back that salon-fresh colour. Amazing results on blondes or white hair, cleaning up hair that easily tarnishes or goes yellowy.

  • Blonde Me Detox Mask with Vitamin C Shot
    20.00 - 25.00

    The treatment works by removing unwanted metals and pollution from the hair, leaving fresher hair and brighter colours. Ideal for blondes or white hair that easily tarnishes or turns yellowy.

  • Blonde Me All Blonde Mask
    15.00 - 20.00

    Deeply nourishes, strengthens, and reconstructs the inner and outer hair.